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FICO® Analytic Modeler Scorecard - Understanding Predictive Analytics

How predictive analytics works to improve customer decisions

White Paper

You pull out Your cell phone and dial. While the beeps sound, packets of data whiz through the provider's network, not only to connect you but to feed algorithms that ask: is this really you? Should the call be connected? Are hackers interfering with the call? the cashier swipes your card and smiles. Before he hands it back, complex mathematical models hundreds of miles away crunch the data:

if you’ve hit your credit limit, should it be extended?

is it really you using the card?

These are everyday examples of predictive analytics at work. Organizations of every size are using predictive analytics to unlock value in data and make smarter decisions about their customers.

This booklet tells you how predictive analytics works to improve customer decisions. It can help you see how much value this technology can add to your business-and to every customer interaction