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What the C-suite Needs to Know About Cyber-readiness

What the C-suite Needs to Know About Cyber-readiness

Technology, senior management, everyday users, and business systems all have important roles to play

White Paper

Cybersecurity threats and the number of reported breaches continue to rise, and if the last decade has taught us anything about the world of cyberthreats, it is that throwing more technology at the problem each time something new happens does little to improve things. Despite the proliferation of new, tested, and threat-specific technologies that have been brought to market, we have not seen the problems reducing or going away. In fact, it is widely acknowledged that the number of attacks, breaches, and subsequent business and data losses are growing exponentially worse with each passing year.

What is needed is an across-business approach to cybersecurity that involves business-focused protection systems and the skills and levels of authority needed to support the technology. This report looks at what organizations are doing to improve their situations and identifies areas where improvements are needed.