Building a customer-centric, data-driven insurance firm.

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The insurance industry has long been a leader in the use of analytic models for a wide range of strategic business and decisioning operations. Today, with the need for decision turnaround driven by mobile customer demand, data-driven insurance firms need even more accurate customer decisions faster than ever before. FICO provides a platform for insurance firms that uses advanced analytics to optimize decisioning, manage risk, prevent fraud, improve debt collections, and increase profitability while delivering a great customer experience.


FICO helps insurance firms make their operations smarter, faster, and more profitable in the following areas:

Centralized Decisioning (underwriting, claims, fraud prevention, pricing, agency/broker management, and policy offers and management)

Prevención del fraude de solicitudes y reclamaciones

Mayor automatización y personalización en canales digitales

Desarrollo rápido de aplicaciones

Optimización con algoritmos avanzados

Simulación y prueba de modelos de fijación de precios

Control y monitoreo de decisiones y modelos

Rápido despliegue de SAS, R, Emblem y otros modelos analíticos

Taking a highly segmented approach for collections and recovery


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