FRANCE Decrease in Fraud YoY

Data provided by Euromonitor International

Fraud Losses Falling, But ID Fraud and Stolen Cards Dominate

In contrast to previous years, the improving position within the French market has been caused by improvements in both ID Fraud and Lost & Stolen. These 2 fraud types still dominate the threat, making up 95% of the total fraud losses in France.

France continues to enjoy the benefits of early adoption of Chip and PIN; however, their local fraud threat has become proficient at the techniques required to compromise credentials. France also shows early signs of growth in the cyber-enabled space, which is where criminals are shifting their attention away from CNP Fraud.

To defend against these type of threats, card issuers and banks should strengthen the originations channel with a strong application fraud platform, such as FICO® Application Fraud Manager. When integrated into an enterprise view of fraud across the banking lifecycle, this can also enable the prevention of cyber-enabled fraud.