ITALY Increase in Fraud YoY

Key Falcon Network Contributors Keep Control of CNP

Whilst fraud threat in Italy increased to nearly three times 2020 levels, the nation has delivered a fantastic performance in terms of managing this increase and suffering only a 1% change in overall losses. Card-present threats have remained stable since 2018 and CNP fraud continues to be the main driver for overall losses, although we are beginning to see the CNP curve plateauing, which is a positive reflection of the work Italy has put in to developing fraud defences across the region.

Italy has a significant network of FICO Falcon Platform users in Europe, and since 2020 we have seen more of these members adopting analytical models in their fraud prevention strategies. FICO were proud to facilitate a number of fraud innovation days with our Italian clients in 2021, and we hope to see further improvements in fraud rates in 2022.