Total Fraud Levels

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Data provided by Euromonitor International, Consumer Finance 2022 Edition, and UK Finance

Polarised Performance Across Europe Keeps Overall Trend Flat

Total losses across Europe have remained stable from 2020 through to 2021, with the UK and Nordics’ reductions being offset by loss increases across the region.

In 2020, France, Poland and Germany experienced €6M, €5M, and €3M fraud loss increases respectively, yet in 2021 France held a flat trend but Poland and Germany saw increases for a second consecutive year, with €0.5M and €2.4M fraud loss increases, respectively. The Netherlands experienced the highest losses in terms of relative value, coming in with a loss increase of over €8M.

France was among the countries that managed to maintain their performance, with the group accounting for 30% of the countries studied: the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Norway and Ukraine all managed to keep 2021 losses within 0-1% of their 2020 performance.