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FICO® Xpress Optimization

FICO® Xpress Optimization is integrated into the FICO® Decision Management Suite and is comprised of four components:

  1. FICO® Xpress Insight enables businesses to rapidly deploy optimization models as powerful applications.
  2. FICO® Xpress Executor provides standalone support for optimization execution services.
  3. FICO® Xpress Solver provides optimization algorithms and technologies to solve linear, mixed integer and non-linear problems.
  4. FICO® Xpress Workbench is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing optimization models, services and complete solutions.

This documentation set covers the following versions:

Decision Management Suite 2021-01
Xpress Insight 4.55
Xpress Insight 5 5.1
Xpress Executor
Xpress Solver 8.11
Xpress Workbench 3.3.3

The documentation is organized into the following sections:


Important information for users upgrading from an earlier version of Xpress or Insight can be found in the following sections of the documentation:

Offline documentation

A zip file containing the complete documentation set can be downloaded for offline use.

Previous versions

Documentation for older version of the software is available here.

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