FICO® Centralized Decision Service

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Centralized customer decision strategies

Built for the business leader, FICO® Centralized Decision Service provides a single, clear and explainable view of your decision strategies across your enterprise and Processor systems. It enables real-time processing, customer-level decisioning and the ability to stress-test strategies before putting them into production. Risk analytics, best product offer/price and automated delivery improve execution, compliance and efficiency with direct impact to the bottom line. Easy-to-use dashboards and KPIs minimize reliance on IT by empowering business users to rapidly develop and modify strategies, helping align your systems and customer decisions.

Core Benefits

Enabling business-user control of complex systems


Greater business efficiency

Easily run scenarios to test conflicting strategies and measure impact before using

Allow business users to implement changes in real time

Enable rich visualization and interactive reports, heat maps and scorecards


Consistency and Compliance

Change multiple systems, faster than ever

Monitor trends and act faster with flexible validation workflow and email alerts

Visualize risk connectivity with single library that links related data


Improved Customer Experience

Deliver highly personalized treatments via a centralized view of all your customers

Drive consistent decisions through simultaneous customer updates

Automate manual processes and improve speed and governance in execution strategies

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Ever wonder how African Bank transformed its decision system to launch strategies 30% faster at 25% lower cost?

African Bank

After a rapid strategy and implementation cycle, African Bank was able to transform its decision system to launch strategies 30% faster and at 25% lower cost. The new system can be applied across the entire credit lifecycle and the team can now make changes in two days instead of two months, with full confidence in its security features.