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FICO offers big career opportunities in Big Data Analytics. We hire hundreds of new colleagues every year into dozens of locations around the world, from California to New York, London to Bangalore and Beijing, from new business and technical graduates through to deep domain experts and business leaders.


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FICO offers big career opportunities in Big Data Analytics. We hire hundreds of new colleagues every year into dozens of locations around the world, from California to New York, London to Bangalore and Beijing, from new business and technical graduates through to deep domain experts and business leaders.

"Over many years now, in several roles in different countries, FICO has offered me remarkable opportunities to grow and expand the areas that I have passion for and ambition in - and it's still offering me that every day. It doesn't just 'happen' automatically but the company provides the environment for that to happen. If you're engaged, good at what you do and prepared to stretch yourself, you can experience a level of personal and professional development at FICO that you wouldn't have thought possible."

Here, you can learn about what it's like to work at FICO and how we offer unbeatable career development if you've got what it takes. You can also check out our current open opportunities and apply to be considered for roles. Please start by watching out our flagship film above and learn how you can fulfill your potential at FICO.

Fulfill Your Potential with FICO

Our Culture

Join the FICO Family and help drive the Future of Analytics

"FICO has consistently offered me opportunities to be challenged and grow, and to find new things in my career. Professionally, that's been a big part of what's kept me here, to develop in my particular discipline, continue taking on new projects, exploring other ways of delivering more value to the organisation"

FICO may have the experience and knowledge of more than 50 years in business, but we act with the boldness and enthusiasm of a much younger company. We foster and encourage entrepreneurialism and opportunity, with a global structure that supports cross-fertilization of ideas, with a collaborative approach that gives you all the support you need to construct and own your vocation, achieve your professional goals and keep on developing throughout your career.

Our world-class IT and communications infrastructure mean that, whilst we are spread around the world, no-one is further away than the office next door. We are flexible on working patterns and locations wherever possible - what counts are the results; you will not be micro-managed. You will have a world of expertise at your fingertips or just a call away, but we rely on every individual to do what is needed to drive outcomes. That means that, above all else, ownership of results is the key to success at FICO.

If you want to be a small cog in a big machine, FICO is probably not the place for you. However, if you want an entrepreneurial attitude, own the results you deliver and want to make a real impact on us and our clients, we should be talking.

Career Development

The complex nature of our business provides a rich source of learning and growth opportunities in a way few other companies can offer. To help you navigate your career, we offer structured career paths built around defined functional disciplines. Because career paths help you visualize where you are and where you're going, they should be inspirational - encouraging you to pursue new challenges and learning opportunities. Through our Tuition Reimbursement Scheme, every employee is eligible for up to $5,000 each fiscal year. This covers the cost of obtaining degrees or professional qualifications that help you follow your chosen career path and further support your development.

We also invest significant people and financial resources on an on-going basis in the continual development of FICO University, our online repository of thousands of learning experiences to help you do your job better and to enhance your contribution. Further investment in performance management systems gives you the ability to monitor and manage your development progress online together with your manager.

You can grow your career at FICO by developing strong technical skills, expanding your technical scope of responsibility over time and contributing as an expert in your field. Or you can grow your career by developing strong leadership and management skills and providing direction to increasingly large/diverse groups of resources. Either path can lead you to the most senior job levels in our organization.

Graduate Careers

We hire new graduates around the world, in the US, UK, India and China, into both entry level positions and structured graduate programs. We can offer you:

Help drive and deliver innovation – be a part of a company changing the way the world does business. FICO has a 50+ year history of delivering industry-changing innovations, such as the FICO Score, the world’s leading credit risk score, and our credit fraud solution, which protects more than 2 billion cards worldwide. All of us at FICO are encouraged and rewarded to “think outside the box” to drive smarter decisions – both for FICO and our clients.

Travel & International Exposure – experience different business cultures and see the world. Our clients are spread throughout the globe and as part of our sales and delivery organization you’ll have the opportunity to working with them at their offices across the world. Positions in corporate groups tend to involve less travel, but you’ll be interacting with international colleagues on a daily basis.

Be a part of a team – learn from the very best in your field. Whatever your field of expertise, you’ll have the opportunity to work with seriously talented colleagues as we deliver the analytic advantage to the most successful companies around the world. Delivering real innovation for our clients requires collaboration across teams and geographies – which means a wealth of career building opportunities for you.

Make an Impact – be more than a small cog in a big machine. With around 2,300 people around the world, you won’t be buried in a giant corporate machine at FICO – you’ll be able to make a real impact, be noticed and make a name for yourself. We’ll treat you like the professional we know you have the potential to be – and you’ll be rewarded for the value your deliver.

A huge career development opportunity – grow with a company that knows how to develop talent. We’re genuinely excited at the opportunity to bring graduates into FICO. We’re looking to attract the very best to join our world class team of professionals and you can have confidence that we’ll support your development every step of the way, so that you can manifest your full potential and get your career off to a flying start. We’ll do this through a wide variety of development approaches, with a strong emphasis on experiential learning – nothing beats getting stuck in and getting your hands on real problems with real clients. There’s a good reason why so many of our colleagues have been with FICO for so many years – especially the continual development and fresh development opportunities every day.


"The secret sauce that keeps us ahead of the game is the quality of the staff we have and the ability to think creatively, to think differently. That's a huge asset."

Our people should reflect the rich and dynamic world in which we operate. Our ability to innovate, compete and win in a global marketplace relies on our ability to understand the communities in which we serve and live. Therefore we strive to create a corporate culture that brings out the best in all of our employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

As a FICO employee, you will help become the solution to solving complex business problems and discovering ground-breaking innovation. It's often the differences that exist within teams that make them most effective in tackling our client's unique problems.

There are numerous things we do every day to support diversity, and specific examples include sponsoring high performers and high potential female leaders around the world into mentoring programs and supporting a number of attendees to the annual Women In Technology International summit. Additionally, we operate graduate hiring programs around the world to ensure we are constantly bringing new raw talent into our business. And every day, we seek to provide an environment where what matters most is results - if you can deliver, you've got a great future ahead of you at FICO.

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