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Using big data analytics for government to drives fact-based decision making and greater results.


Government agencies produce volumes of structured and unstructured data. FICO's government analytics and razor-sharp decision management technology enable federal agencies to improve processes and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. Big data analytics for government also drives fact-based decision making and greater results.

By providing, analytics and decision management tools, FICO helps public sector entities develop and maintain more effective relationships with the public.

With FICO’s multi-channel customer communications, leaders can make better, more prudent public sector decisions that prevent fraud, waste, and abuse; streamline operations; and make the best use of public funds.

Our origination tools enable government agencies to consistently process applications in a shorter period of time.

Finally, with FICO’s fast, flexible, and incremental approach, state public sector entities constantly address constantly evolving fraud needs as they develop and prevent loss and abuse across channels. 

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Statistics offices optimise for richer data and greater confidentiality

Confidentiality is a key issue when publishing data - particularly when that data is detailed and highly sensitive.  The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic was looking for ways to optimize the production of national and regional data that avoids the disclosure of confidential information regarding businesses and individuals included in the data.  

The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic was able to reduce its processing times from days or even weeks, to a mattter of hours.  Learn more about the implementation of FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite.