State, Provincial, and Local

Reduce fraud, waste, and abuse with FICO analytics.


At FICO, we know that powerful analytics can help state, local, and provincial governments and agencies succeed despite spending cuts. You will achieve greater efficiency and results as well as reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. Here are a few ways FICO can help you reach your business goals with high level data solutions.

• Provide analytics and decision management tools, helping state public sector entities develop and maintain more effective relationships with the public.

• Offer multi-channel customer communications, giving you the technology to maximize budget effectiveness; prevent fraud, waste, and abuse; and improve operational efficiency.

• Provide advanced software to help state public sector entities succeed under the pressure to make faster, smarter decisions to process applications and other forms—accurately and efficiently.

• Help governments get more return on limited small business loans, providing the  backbone for economic growth. With origination and debt management tools, government agencies consistently and quickly process applications, while reducing the risk of fraud and delinquencies and establishing best collections practices.

• Protect public sector entities with a fast, flexible FICO enterprise approach to fight fraud effectively across channels as new, complex schemes arise.


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Shelby County Boosts Tax Collection Productivity with FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution

The office of Tennessee's Shelby County Trustee operates with a progressive perspecive on how technology can help it connect with taxpayers and improve collections.  One public example is the electronic kiosks the office has set up in the lobbies of bank branches and other government offices, influencing and making it convenient for property owners to pay their taxes.  But it's behind the scenes - with development of a sophisticated accounts receivables platform and its integration with FICO® Debt Manager™ soluiton - where the county's technological innovation is having a major impact in reaching and drawing payments from taxpayers.

Learm more about the partnership that increased receivables by 80 basis points and added $6 million in revenues.