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There's a revolution happening in the realm of manufacturing. Many businesses are transforming their operational models to inject more precision, agility and customer-centricity into their processes and products, and thus unleash the possibilities inherent in Industry 4.0. Smart automation, comprising both machine and human intelligence and powered by IoT and AI, is reducing the latency between insights from data and action. And advanced analytics are leading the charge. Whether you're an incumbent or disruptor, next generation analytics that are powered by your people - not just IT - are essential to reimagining the future.


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FICO Optimization Software to Evolve Plant Processing at Shell

Client: Shell
Challenge: Create a next-generation advanced process control platform that provides plant-wide control of all operations, minimizing cost and maximizing benefits for each plant.
Solution: FICO® Xpress Optimization Suite
Results: Shell is able to solve more complex problems with more reliability and greater control, benefiting their processing plant operations.