Case Study - Minsheng Bank SBL and Personal Lending

China Minsheng Bank improves micro and small enterprise lending, strengthens Basel compliance

As a testing ground for the reform of China's banking sector, China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. (CMBC) has committed itself to reform and entrepreneurship, and continually expanded its business. With its increasing size, scope and
efficiency, it has achieved healthy growth and maintained momentum, as well as a positive contribution to the promotion of innovation and reform in China's banking sector. As CMBC has become one of the largest international financial services institutions in China, its micro and small enterprise loan business grew to exceed 250.6 billion RMB and more than 640,000 account.

"Services for micro and small enterprises are regarded as our strategic focus. As the number of these clients increases, the challenge of how to manage their credit risk efficiently and how to identify and control risk within the portfolio becomes the top priority."
—Shen Zhihua Senior Expert of Risk Management, Minsheng Ban

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