Samsung Card Case Study: Grow business. Keep risk at bay.

FICO, the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, has created a predictive measure designed to help lenders identify customers who can handle additional credit: FICO® Credit Capacity Index™.

Case Study

Client: Samsung Card is a leader in the Korean credit card industry with nearly 10 million cardholders. Established in 1988, Samsung Card has grown widly popular with its extensive and innovative services. 

Challenge: With stable cardholder base and against a dynamic global economic backdrop, Samsung Card wanted a solution that would enable it to optimise its credit exposure, especially since its card services even include financial products such as loans and cash advances. 

Solution: To fine-tune cardholder credit limits, Samsung Card turned to FICO Credit Capacity Index. Working closely with FICO Business Consultants to incorporate the solution in their credit strategies, Samsung Card is now able to identify cardholders with the capacity to handle additional credit, as well as those who are risky. 

Results: Adoption of FICO Credit Capacity Index started in 2009 and Samsung Card is steadily ramping up its use. The Index will be scaled up to increase credit limit for customers with high scores.