FICO® Merchant Onboarding Solution

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Onboard Merchants in Minutes

FICO® Merchant Onboarding Solution streamlines traditionally cumbersome business processes and sharpens compliance, fraud, and credit risk evaluations with cutting-edge analytics and decisioning capabilities. Acquirers are empowered to design workflows-seamlessly weaving together automated and manual processes-to reduce onboarding times from days to minutes. The solution can be easily extended-using the comprehensive set of capabilities available through FICO's Decision Management Suite-to provide ongoing merchant monitoring, fraud detection, and customer communication capabilities.

Onboard Merchants in Minutes

Core Benefits

A streamlined experience for friction-free onboarding


A Modern Experience

Streamlined and digital makes it simple

Automated makes it fast

Segmented workflows make it easy for merchants of all sizes and industries


An Intelligent System

Sophisticated analytics reduce risk and strengthen compliance

Ease of use puts the business user in control of testing and modifications

Smart reduces IT involvement and keeps analysts focused on the highest priority cases


An Open and Extensible Platform

Open makes it simple to incorporate new analytic models, data sources and third party technology

Extensible enables acquirers to support the full merchant risk lifecycle—from onboarding all the way through risk monitoring and investigation

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Vantiv Streamlines Merchant Onboarding with FICO® Decision Management Suite


Every year, Vantiv processes more than 17 billion payment transactions for nearly a half-million retail merchants in the United States. Because there is a contingent risk involved in taking on a new merchant, Vantiv sought to ensure that it minimizes that risk and makes appropriate pricing offers. Specifically, they needed a way to speed up its merchant onboarding process, which was being done manually and could take up to nine days. They chose FICO Merchant Acquiring Solutions, powered by FICO® Decision Management Suite. As a result, Vantiv has cut merchant onboarding from days to minutes, which helps facilitate the company's rapid growth and opens up new possibilities for partnerships with independent sales organizations and merchant banks.