FICO Decision Management Platform

A high-performance execution platform to power and connect every decision


The FICO Decision Management Platform, also referred to as DMP, is a high-performance execution platform to operationalize and connect analytically-powered applications and decisions. This one of a kind, modular, open solution provides centralized control to author interconnected analytics and decision services, develop, and deploy applications faster than any other solution.

The FICO DMP provides high-performance execution at scale for powerful analytics, decision management, optimization and rapid application development authoring solutions and services. 


Benefits of the FICO DMP and enabled services: 
  • High-performance execution: the DMP is an optimized, enterprise-wide, high-performance services execution solution that is cost effective.
  • Collaboration: provides an environment for all data, analytics, and decision scientists to collaborate and share best practices.
  • Connecting decisions: connects decisions by breaking down data, analytics, and LOB silos across all organizations addressing the customer lifecycle.
  • Knowledge management: tracks data lineage, monitors campaigns or decision performance, and manages governance across the decision lifecycle.

Connected Decisions

By allowing companies to orchestrate the authoring and deployment of decision components across departments, functions, time, and customer lifecycle stages, FICO DMP enables the development and execution of high performance decision strategies that improve business results. This allows for the kind of collaboration and coordination that breaks down organizational silos to connect decisions across the enterprise.   

For organizations that want to go beyond connecting multiple decisions to centralizing decisions, the FICO DMP enables a centralized analytic data repository that provides a single, clear and explainable view of analytics and decision strategies at the customer level, across the entire lifecycle. Accessed by services and applications, including marketing, credit originations, customer management, fraud, collections and more, it enables real-time processing using a true 360-degree view of customer data and customer interaction logic. It allows companies to fully view and understanding their relationship with customers. Most importantly, it empowers companies to deliver a unified and harmonized experience to their customers, which improves cross-selling, revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction.

FICO DMP & Decision Management Suite

FICO DMP is the high-performance execution and connective platform for the FICO Decision Management Suite (DMS). The Decision Management Suite is a complete solution that provides a cost-effective, easy way to build and manage state-of-the-art analytics and decision management solutions. These solutions provide new levels of insight and control while also providing the agility and tools needed to make the most profitable business decisions across the customer life cycle.

Decision Management Suite

FICO's Platform also provides a series of distinct, value-added services which are used to not only break down organizational silos and foster collaboration and best practices, but also track data performance. These services help ensure consistency, transparency and accuracy throughout the decision management process. 

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