Fair Isaac Advisors Account/Customer Management Processor TRIAD Consulting


TRIAD Customer Manager is integrated with the processor platform, delivering world class strategy selection, deployment and monitoring for decisions.

FICO embeds advanced analytics, both FICO® Scores and user-defined scores, and tools such as FICO® Blaze Advisor® decision rules management system and FICO® Model Builder for Decision Trees for data-driven strategy production (functionality varies at each processor).

Our team will help guide you through the start up project, working closely with many areas within your company and the processor to ensure that business objectives are met on conversion and that your company is fully trained on the benefits and use of the software.

Worldwide through a number of established card processors

Fair Isaac Advisors Account/Customer Management TRIAD Implementation Consulting


During the implementation of risk technology-such as FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager, FICO® Debt Manager™ solution or FICO® Blaze Advisor® decision rules management system-we will get you off to a flying start. We use our knowledge and experience to guide the business strategy design and make sure the system will be implemented in a way that achieves your business objectives, as expeditiously as possible.

Fair Isaac Advisors Collections & Recovery Consulting

Debt Management Solutions

We can quickly identify the areas where you can rapidly achieve return on investment, and help you establish a roadmap to make your operation best-in-class, including quick wins and medium- to long-term initiatives.

Fair Isaac Advisors Current State Assessment


A brief but intensive consulting engagement tailored to your unique requirements. Conducted by consultants with 'real world' experience in risk management, operational and regulatory issues the Current State Assessment provides you with a comprehensive on-site review of processes, data, analysis and reporting capabilities to ensure you have the knowledge and techniques to make the best possible decisions. A personalized roadmap of prioritized actions that includes quick-win strategies will allow you to venture beyond risk mitigation and build a competitive advantage. 

Fair Isaac Advisors Customer Strategy Consulting


We help you identify and harness the power of customer data and consistent customer management decisions that have significant impact on your ability to acquire, grow and retain your most valuable customers.

Through our primary focus on the functions that touch customers, we help you achieve your vision for customer-centric growth and performance improvement by developing and implementing strategy and business processes that drive satisfaction, loyalty, and bottom-line results.

Fair Isaac Advisors Operational Readiness Review


Delivered by Fair Isaac Advisors experienced consulting team the Operational Readiness review is desinged to help you prepare for change.  Delivering objective expert assessment and advice to help you identify the key operational factors that need to be planned for and addressed to ensure success when upgrading or implementing new technologies

Fair Isaac Advisors P&L Insight Service


Delivering a unique combination of ongoing business consulting, analytics and technology  that generates actionable insights. Using FICO developed technology with built-in forecasting models tuned to the particular dynamics of your portfolio Fair Isaac Advisors provide tactical and strategic recommendations for capitalizing on opportunities and mitigating risks revealed in the analysis, creating a clear roadmap of actions for improved profitability.

FICO® Affordability Calculator

Debt Management Solutions

FICO® Affordability Calculator enables consumers and advisors to work together to establish affordable arrangements for repayment of debt in a consistent and compliant framework. The easy-to-use,web-based solution guides consumers through the budgeting process for establishing sustainable payments or allows them to work simultaneously with an agent. 

FICO® Analytic Consulting

Analytics, Debt Management Solutions, Marketing & Customer Engagement, Originations, Risk & Compliance

FICO® Analytic Consulting helps you attain the best predictive models for your business needs-whether you're new to scoring or have an experienced in-house analytic team.  FICO Analytic Consulting's predictive models provide significant benefits used on their own or as an integral part of FICO's decision management solutions.  Use empirically derived custom models tailored specifically to proprietary product portfolios and customer bases, as well as pooled-data and expert (knowledge-based) models to reduce the time, expense and data demands of custom development.

FICO® Analytic Modeler Decision Tree Professional


Companies need decisioning tools that move beyond segmentation to strategy development, yet many decision tools cannot do that.  Some tools rely on business experience rather than data, or analyze only one business objective at a time-approaches that are neither efficient nor effective.  By comparison, FICO® Analytic Modeler Decision Tree Professional integrates data-driven rules with policies to target segments that support a company's objectives.  Analysts can quickly access and begin using a robust segmentation tool that evaluates multiple business perspectives simultaneously, and allows analysts to move from segmentation to serving populations.

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