Credit grantors for small and medium-sized enterprises now have a comprehensive tool to assess credit risk.


The FICO® SME Score-which is based on the same analytic technology used by 90% of the small business lenders in the United States-quickly and accurately assesses risk, making it possible for credit grantors to expand their small business loan portfolio and control risk with confidence. By making the loan process faster, fairer, more accurate and more consistent, these Small and Medium Enterprise Scores and Scoring services help more small businesses access the capital they need.
For the international market, FICO Scoring Consulting Services can help with the challenge of acquiring predictive data, customizing solutions and evaluating SME programs.

Core Benefits

Streamline operations

Identify profitable accounts

Delight your clients

Streamline operations

Make better, more consistent and objective lending decisions in less time
Provide small business borrowers with enhanced transparency into the underwriting process

Identify profitable accounts

Approve more applicants and increase profitability with risk-based pricing
Implement different scoring formulas for different segments of the small business market

Delight your clients

Increase customer satisfaction as a result of better and faster decisions
Ultimately make funds available sooner as cash flow is critical for small businesses

Data Factored into the FICO SME Score

The FICO Small and Medium Enterprise Score considers factors that address how the business pays its other financial obligations. The score considers two kinds of data, commercial data about the business and data on the business principal(s), or a blend of both:

  • Business owner, co-owner or partner data may include:
  • Details from the loan application about the business principal.
  • Financial statements that the business principal has provided.
  • Consumer credit report of the business principal, such as the length
    and depth of credit history, delinquencies or public records, and recent credit requests.
  • Business data may include:
  • Details from the loan application about the business
  • Financial statements provided by the business, such as audited accounts or management accounts
  • Business bureau credit report that focuses on how the business pays its suppliers or vendors

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