FICO® Propensity Scores for Health Care

Improve the effectiveness of adherence, utilization, care and case management programs


FICO® Propensity Scores for Health Care can improve patient engagement across all health care stakeholders — including payers, providers, hospitals, retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Predicting propensity of a patient to engage in a wide variety of health behaviors can support proactive outreach and better tailored health care programs to improve patient results and reduce costs for everyone.

Through a proprietary combination of rich third-party data, analytic development techniques and flexible delivery options, FICO® Propensity Scores provides an accurate, actionable view of relevant patient behavior.

Core Benefits

Identify behaviors of non-compliance

Maximize patient engagement; Improve health outcomes

Test and learn for continual improvement

Identify behaviors of non-compliance

Using the same world-class predictive methodologies used to create the FICO® Score and the expertise from delivering a wide range of healthcare analytics, FICO consultants tailor the FICO® Propensity Scores to the desired performance measure.

Behavior analysis could be based on a disease class, a specific chronic condition, or complex, long-term therapy.

Some examples are enrollment in a disease management program, conversion of retail to mail-order prescription drug re-fill, or likelihood to be compliant with medical procedure.

Maximize patient engagement; Improve health outcomes

Gain a broad understanding of how likely your patients are to engage in specific behavior so you can take more focused action.

Match the right level of communication and program to the right patient, so you can promote better health and prevent unnecessary medical treatment.

Patients become active partners with health professionals in their own care and that good communication is a must for an effective clinical practice.

Test and learn for continual improvement

Take a more targeted approach by learning where your program and communication efforts will have the most impact.

Predict a wide range of behaviors and influence outcomes with proactive outbound communications – as text messages, emails, phone calls or promotional activities to engage patient to refill medicine, schedule follow-up labs, get nutrition information or make appointments tied to the prescribed regiment.

Solution Architecture

FICO Propensity Scores for Health Care

For healthcare providers who want to connect disparate data, analytics and decision components for prescriptive insights across the enterprise, FICO® Decision Management Suite (DMS) provides the connectivity and transparency that enables you to make decisions that are instantly executable, easily scalable. DMS provides a simple, cost-effective way to deploy any FICO Propensity Score with decision support solutions that connects, integrates and unifies functionality. This capability supports the integration of FICO® Customer Communication Services for coordinated, cross channel communications. The service supports real-time patient dialogue, immediate resolutions, timing text-messaging, and closed looped-learning to take medicine, refill or schedule follow-up labs or appointments tied to the requirements of medical regiment.

A custom analytic service, the creation of a Propensity Scores for Health Care establishes a direct connection between predictive analytics, action and reaction.

Key Features

Assist caregivers throughout the treatment cycle

  • FICO® Propensity Scores for Health Care can be developed to predict a broad range of patient behaviors and preferences.
  • For instance, a propensity score could be built to identify patients who are most or least likely to enroll in a disease management program.
  • So attention can be focused on individuals with the highest risk of non-enrollment. In another common scenario, a Propensity Score can also help a payer identify the best channel for outreach or messaging to high-risk patients.
Real-time intervention and engagement

  • Not a retrospective of what happened and what should have happened that places healthcare providers in a reactive mode, but providing a clear picture of relevant patient behaviors so you can take more effective action.
  • Timeliness in wellness alerts, treatment reminders, and other patient engagement opportunities makes the difference.
The FICO Analytic advantage

  • FICO® Propensity Scores deliver an accurate and actionable view of patient propensity that can be integrated with a communications strategy.
  • Custom models are built using proven analytic methodologies developed through decades of experience of working with organizations and their data.
  • FICO is able to create a powerful scoring model through the use of novel third-party data sources and proprietary knowledge of how to turn that data into reliable predictions of patient behavior.

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