Anti-Financial Crime Solutions

Enhance Compliance Efficiency


Wage a sustainable fight against financial and white-collar crime.

Financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, and industrial corporations need to fulfill their compliance obligations, avoid reputational damages, and live up to their own ethical standards.  Smart compliance solutions connect risk analysis, monitoring and management systems to increase transparency and efficiency of the compliance process throughout the company. 

With the 2015 acquisition of TONBELLER, FICO® now offers a comprehensive modular set of solutions to fight money-laundering, fraud, terrorist financing, and to fulfill custom requirements for Governance, Risk and Compliance in the best possible way.



A Comprehensive Anti-Financial Crime Solutions

FICO® TONBELLER® Siron®Anti-Financial Crime

Genuine Compliance Calls for a Risk-Based Approach.

FICO TONBELLER‘s Anti-Financial Crime Solutions Suite consists of flexible and highly integrated software modules for:

The building-block design allows variable combination of the products. This paves the way to genuine cost efficiency, transparent total cost of ownership and solutions that can grow along with the challenges of our customers.

Key Features:

  • Coverage of all statutory requirements
  • Risk-based approach according to FATF
  • Full check of customers and transactions
  • No IT-knowledge necessary to configure detection scenarios
  • Best-practice research scenarios from more than 1,100 of customer installations
  • Multi-clients and multi-lingual user interfaces
  • Easy integration with existing systems through standardized and flexible interfaces
  • 100% audit-proof documentation

Siron® solutions consistently follow the risk-based approach and support all phases of the compliance process with integrated solution modules: from specific risk analysis and continual risk assessment to monitoring of transactions and behavioral patterns, and central case management with risk and compliance dashboards. 

Siron® products are highly standardized and parametrizable. They can be combined at will to create custom solutions. Numerous best-practice scenarios from a large number of customer installations have made their way into our standard research products. They guarantee fast roll-out of professional solutions based on the latest compliance knowledge. 

Siron® technology is robust, interoperable, platform-independent and highly scalable. This facilitates integration of our products into existing system environments and provides seamless interaction with third-party applications and databases. The field of application of our products extends from the lean departmental to a cross- and multi-national group solution. 

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Ecobank thinks Global and acts Local with a unique implementation of Siron®

Established in 1985 with the headquarters in Lome, Togo, the dual objective of Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) is to build a world - class pan-African bank and to contribute to the economic and financial integration and development of the African continent. In the early 1980s the banking industry in West Africa was dominated by foreign and state-owned banks. There was hardly any commercial bank owned and managed by the African private sector. ETI was founded with the objective of filing this vacuum. With assets of $22.5 billion at the close of financial year 2013, Ecobank is now represented in 40 countries worldwide, including 36 African nations. With nearly 20,000 employees it is the largest employer in the financial sector in Middle Africa.