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FICO is the independent standard in credit scoring, trusted by lenders and securitization investors for decades.

Sound Practices

Weakening scoring standards harms consumers and the lending system. FICO grows credit access while upholding the highest standards in the industry.

Product Innovation

FICO continues to invest in new products, partnerships and advanced scoring analytics that empower lenders to safely and responsibly approve more loans.

Alternative Data

Drawing on reliable new sources of data, FICO scores more creditworthy people unable to obtain traditional credit using credit bureau data alone.

FICO SCORE Advocates

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“As a veteran of the mortgage industry (33 years on the retail origination side) I believe a change from the existing FICO Scoring model to the Bureaus Vantage Scoring model would not be good for the industry. I believe that keeping the independence that comes from separating the big three bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion) from the mortgage industry is important. A better fix would be to allow the updated versions of the FICO Scoring models to be used by FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA.” - Robert Schwab

- Source, Federal Housing Finance Agency Credit Score RFI

"Since the two scores are based on the same underlying data, use of the VantageScore is unlikely to lead to a significant—or sustainable—expansion of the mortgage market. Indeed, the major difference between the two scores is that the VantageScore drops its minimum scoring requirements regarding the length and recency of the consumer’s credit history, which appears to result in a significant reduction in the score’s predictive power." - Ann Schnare

- Source, Federal Housing Finance Agency Credit Score RFI

The Trusted Standard for Decades

“FICO® Scores Are Used In Over 90% of U.S. Lending Decisions”

Mercator, Analyst Report 2018

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