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Why Alternative Data Matters

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Drawing on reliable new sources of data, FICO scores more creditworthy people who are unable to obtain credit using traditional credit bureau data alone.

FICO pioneered the development of scoring analytics over 27 years ago that helped to democratize access to credit. We have led the industry ever since.

To provide more people with reliable credit scores, scoring must include truly alternative data, which is not housed at the credit bureaus. For example, in the US the credit bureaus have utility data for just 2.4 percent of consumers and cell phone bill data for only 2.5 percent of consumers.

Today, FICO is responsibly using new and regulatory compliant alternative data sources to further facilitate credit access and give reliable FICO Scores to individuals who are otherwise ineligible for a traditional credit score.

FICO thoroughly vets an alternative data source before including it in our solutions, on dimensions including regulatory compliance, accuracy, and predictive efficacy.

FICO has built analytic models for multiple markets that consider alternative data, such as bill payment and non-financial data (like mobile device and retail purchase information) in addition to traditional financial data. These analytics are generally designed as an extension of the traditional FICO® Score, with the same or a similar score range (e.g., 300-850) and a similar odds-to-score relationship.

Our approach ensures the integrity of our scoring standards as well as the expansion of credit scoring to a broader, more inclusive and more diverse group than ever before.

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