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With rapid changes in regional economies, consumer behavior and regulatory constraints, it's clear that collection methods must also rapidly evolve. Today, collection groups worldwide are integrating new, highly automated capabilities that multiply resources, effectiveness and profitability with advanced analytics, segmentation, optimization and multi-channel communication.  All within a strong compliance framework.

FICO® Debt Management Solutions provide automated strategies for every phase of the debt lifecycle, including pre-delinquency detection, automated communication systems, virtual agent solutions, segmented and individualized collection treatments, outsourced file management and more. Each can be easily adopted and integrated: choose what you need most to improve performance.

Solution Architecture

FICO® Debt Manager™ solution

The debt collection landscape keeps evolving, but one basic fact remains: organizations collecting debt need better strategies to connect with consumers and to collect more successfully when they do. This short video shows you how successful collections are done. 

Customer Success

Learn how one organization using the Debt Manager 9 collections platform boosted property tax collection to 95%.

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Shelby County Boosts Tax Collection Productivity with FICO® Debt Manager™ Solution

Shelby County Tenessee, which is home to almost 1 million residents and includes the city of Memphis, was challenged to improve current and delinquent property tax collection, respond to falling real estate values and subsequent decline in property tax value by increasing collection without adding overhead.  Learn how they achieved an additional $6 million in revenue within the first 120 days of delinquency by partnering with FICO.