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In today's complex macroeconomic and regulatory environment, lenders are more challenged than ever to safely and profitably grow their mortgage portfolios. That's why lenders rely on FICO's advanced mortgage analytics to help them better understand their consumers' credit behavior and associated risks. See how our mortgage business intelligence tools are improving the landscape of the industry.


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Bank of China maximizes huge market opportunities in retail banking

Bank of China is the second largest bank in China and the fifth largest in the world in terms of market capitalization. In spite of its size, this bank is characterized by innovativeness and is ranked ninth in the "World's Top 1000 Banks" by UK's Banker Magazine.

Qualifying loans is a necessary process anywhere in the world but with a wide income disparity in China and an exonomy that is posting rapid growth in every segment, the process gets more involved. Demands of the more affluent market and intense competition further add to the pressure.

To reduce the complexity, the various business owners at Bank of China would have to be able to write, view, manage and change rules at any time, without disrupting operations or relying on professional IT support.