FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager

Make more profitable customer and account decisions


FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager

Customer-centric firms know that FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager, the world's leading credit and deposit customer management solution, helps deliver profits. TRIAD's closed loop decision improvement process drives long-term profit growth at lower risk through a unique combination of analytics, simulation, champion/challenger testing, and unmatched strategy consulting. More than 65% of all customer credit card decisions worldwide are automated and improved with TRIAD. 

TRIAD is available on-premises or in the cloud.

Core Benefits

More revenue & interest, fewer delinquencies

The right treatment for the right customer

Adapt Faster for Better Results

More revenue & interest, fewer delinquencies

TRIAD Customer Manager automates and improves decisions for credit cards, debit cards, deposit accounts, personal/auto/home equity/small business loans, mortgages and other business lines. Client results will vary, but typical results show:

  • ~30% increase in revenues
  • ~25% decrease in delinquencies
  • ~25% increase in interest income

The right treatment for the right customer

TRIAD automates decisions based on the organization's risk exposure looking across all customer accounts. Integrated analytics generate behavior scores, accurately predicting the risk level of every account. Precision scoring enables improved portfolio segmentation, delivering coordinated treatments for terms, fees, credit facilities, transaction approvals, and distressed debt situations, to ensure the right treatment for the right customers.

Adapt Faster for Better Results

Predictive models (i.e. collection, bankruptcy, revenue, response, attrition) help analysts make better decisions with strategies that incorporate a wider range of customer behavior forecasts. Rich, graphical strategy design capabilities give business users more power and independence to create or modify customer treatments to quickly respond to market change. Quickly adapt to address ever-changing regulation.

Product Summary

FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager

FICO® TRIAD® Customer Manager unifies and automates FICO's cutting-edge work in predictive analytics & decision strategies to drive profits. TRIAD clients benefit from precise and consistent customer treatments in credit cards, current or demand deposit accounts, mortgages and installment loans.


It's not just who we work with, it's how well we work together.

Key Features

  • Decades of business expertise embedded in decision areas for structured and discrete decisions within the context of a coordinated customer strategy
  • Embedded analytics deliver a more precise understanding of customer performance and potential, driving better segmentation and more accurate treatments
  • Champion/Challenger testing to improve both marketing and risk decisions, while limiting risk
  • Simulation assesses business impact prior to deployment to reduce potential undesired impacts
  • Included reporting for easy insight into decision outcomes and performance without the need for IT intervention
  • Extensibility of decision logic using FICO Decision Managmement Platform (FICO® Model Builder, FICO® Blaze Advisor)
  • TRIAD Customer Manager is available on-premises or in the cloud. FICO TRIAD Cloud Edition provides a secure, hosted environment for the user interface, and the execution facility.
  • Enhanced audit processes track all changes enhancing security and compliance efforts
  • Extensive strategy visualization and comparison tools across all nodes and decision variables

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Credit Card Growth

Santander - Brazil

Challenge: Grow credit card business and increase market share while controlling losses

Solution: TRIAD Customer Manager

Results: Boosted approval rates, increased utilization, reduced delinquencies, and increased customer satisfaction. 

"We increased authorization approval rates by 8%, and cut delinquencies in half. We're extremely satisfied with these results. In fact, they went above our expectations."
Eliano Sarno Politi
Executive Manager – Santander Brazil