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On-Demand Webinar

Relationship Data: Strategies and Tools for Smarter Origination Processes

How to deliver personalized origination decisions according to FI’s risk tolerance and growth appetite

On-Demand Webinar

As economists keep talking about the looming recession*, banks and credit unions look for ways to expand and diversify loan portfolios to meet market demand while continuing to originate safe and profitable loans. One of the key components of an organic loan growth strategy is knowing your customers and predicting with very high accuracy their likelihood to repay. But not all FIs have the right tools necessary to establish a risk-based, predictive origination strategy. Off-the-shelf credit bureau scores are generic in nature and don’t offer the highest prediction accuracy.

As core banking providers and payment processors, you are in a unique position to offer smarter origination solutions to your customers. The data accumulated over the years is your “golden key” to unveiling better origination decisions for your FIs and driving incremental revenue for your organization.

What if you could help your customers increase their loan approval rate at their current (or lower) risk level? What if you could help your banks and credit unions decrease bad rate while keeping acceptance at existing levels?

Join the FICO webinar to learn more about Customer Relationship Score and its unique predictive power to deliver personalized origination decisions according to FI’s risk tolerance and growth appetite.

You will discover:

  • The difference between off-the-shelf credit bureau scores and Customer Relationship Score
  • The power of combining industry data, your own data and your customers’ data for organic loan growth and smarter origination decisions
  • How to enhance the power of your internal origination models by bringing knowledge of cross product behavior
  • Real-life use cases from FIs in North America

You will be able to offer your customers a solution to effectively:

  • Drop bad rate while increasing acceptance rate
  • Drive more loans through automated approvals without increasing risk
  • Offer non-traditional loans that seemed too risky in the past
  • Utilize relationship score for cross-selling in areas beyond loan originations

Our Presenters:

Frank Cirillo  Frank Cirillo, Applied Optimization & Analytics Expert @FICO

Aniruddha Neogi  Aniruddha Neogi, Director of Analytics @FICO

Moderated by:

Ward Howell  Ward Howell, Client Partner @FICO

*National Association for Business Economics Report, June 2019

*, U.S. Recession a Coin Toss as Chances Climb to 53% Within Year, March 2020