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Analytics & Optimization

Analytics & Optimization

The modern supply chain depends on the incorporation of AI, ML and optimization to build stronger, smarter models to guide optimized operations.

Analytics & Optimization Overview

Turn operational data into smarter decisions and game-changing insights.

It might be optimizing airline refueling to shrink costs or optimizing supply chains and factories to turn out custom products on-demand at mass-market prices. Across industries, tough competitors are fully engaged in digital transformation, relentlessly pushing business performance.

With the advent of the internet of things (IoT) data has become currency in today’s supply chains. By effectively operationalizing advanced analytics, you can capture, analyze, evaluate, and course correct strategies to align with internal and external forces impacting your supply chain. Human intelligence is key to managing artificial intelligence in order to achieve optimal output, and effective evaluation requires decision makers to have full data, analytic and process transparency and accessibility.

FICO decision management solutions blend and analyze data from IoT sensors, devices and cobots, human workflows and problem solving, and supply chains and distribution channels. By putting advanced analytics in business user hands, we help your entire organization learn faster from operational results. At the same time, you begin to shift gears from making decisions based primarily on what was and what is to exploring what-ifs that lead to game-changing innovations.