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Collections & Recovery Ecosystem

Collections & Recovery

Discover tools that help your organization do more with less.

Collections & Recovery

Do More With Less.

How do you transcend the resource constraints that characterize most debt management operations and build an efficient, data-driven environment for collections and recovery?


FICO can help. Scroll down to learn how.

Strategy Execution

Move fast. Don’t break things.

Gain the speed necessary to deploy new treatment strategies in response to changes in customer behavior and portfolio performance and the confidence to know that these strategies will deliver the results you expect.

Collections and Recovery
Account Management Solve the problem before it occurs.

Proactively remind customers to make payments to reduce collections workload; pass account intelligence to collections system

Collections Painless repayments.

Streamline the repayment process for delinquent customers with personalized treatments and convenient, self-service payment options.

Aite Group asked lenders how they are planning to modernize their debt collection processes and systems. Here’s what they said.
Recovery Dead simple debt recovery.

Recover debt cost-effectively using an optimal and trackable mix of in-house and agency resources.

Learn how organizations can recover more debt with smart, data-driven agency placement.
Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement Self-service for most. A better experience for all.

Augment live agents with intelligent, persistent self-service communication capabilities to improve collection efficacy and agent productivity and engagement.

"By reaching out to customers early and utilizing multiple channels so we can contact them the way they’d like, we’ve dramatically increased customer satisfaction — our net promoter score has gone from 0 to 63, which is a big deal for collections."

— Jonathan McCleery
Head of Collections at National Australia Bank
Read the full case study.
Fraud Protection Avoid the unrecoverable.

Identify and isolate fraudulent accounts hiding in your collections workload that are likely unrecoverable.

Synthetic identity fraud losses in the US credit card market are estimated to reach over $1.2 billion in 2020. What percentage of your delinquent accounts are synthetics?

Strategy Design

Strategy, by design.

Understand what happened and why; predict what will happen next; prescribe and deploy the best strategy for improving your performance.

Data & Analysis
Data Dive in.

Collect and organize all relevant internal customer and performance data and continually evaluate and experiment with new external data.

Insights Automated discovery.

Leverage emerging analytic capabilities like machine learning and AI to efficiently evaluate raw data and uncover new insights.

Learn how a large financial services provider in Latin America partnered with FICO to extract meaningful signals from a mountain of noisy data.
Predictive Models Never guess again.

Precisely segment risk and propensity to respond with robust, explainable scoring models built on industry-leading data characteristics.

Prescriptive Strategies Optimized strategies, over the counter.

Maximize collection performance, within acceptable customer satisfaction limits and operational constraints, using optimized decisioning strategies.

Analytic Learning Loop
Analytic Learning Loop Test. Learn. Repeat.

Accelerate the strategy design and execution cycle and strengthen your competitive position in a rapidly changing environment.

Boost the return on your analytic investments and accelerate the pace of innovation with an integrated strategy design and execution environment.
Decision Management Platform
Decision Management Platform One platform. Endless possibilities.

Extend the value of your collections and recovery decisions with FICO’s Decision Management Platform, a comprehensive collection of data science and decision authoring tools integrated within a unified, cloud-native execution environment.

See where FICO’s platform can take you next.
Strategy Execution Collections Recovery Customer Engagement Fraud Protection Strategy Design Data Insights Predictive Models Prescriptive Strategies Analytic Learning Loop Platform

Customer Lifecycle

Explore the Customer Lifecycle

Every decision that impacts your customers matters. Explore the remaining areas of the customer lifecycle to learn how FICO’s decisioning, analytics, and customer engagement capabilities can help.