In a changing credit landscape, FICO’s industry-leading technologies offer powerful solutions:

Boost business
FICO's multi-channel customer communications enhance engagement and mobile strategies. This transforms your customers' experiences, bringing in more business and boosting retention-at a lower cost than traditional contact methods. In addition, our marketing, originations, and account management support, increase issuers' volume and profitability.

Optimize offers
Grow card portfolios-and your profits-by matching the right card offer to the right customer. Reduce your risk with our originations software.

Meet regulations
FICO technology doesn't only meet customer needs. Our award-winning rules system technology also meets changing bank regulations-quickly and affordably-without disrupting your business objectives.

Simplify fraud management
Credit card fraud is splashed across the news. With our centralized, flexible, scalable, and coordinated technologies, FICO's fraud solutions help you manage multiple fraud-related products from a single platform.

Increase collections efficiency
FICO partners with you on collections and recovery by focusing the right resources on the right collections activities by using the integrating the right strategies—optimized for your portfolio.

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Top US Bankcard Issuer Nurtures Best Customers to Grow Business

The bankcard industry is facing both the new government restrictions of the CARD Act and the ongoing volatility of the economy. Despite these challenges, good customers still exist, and issuers need to proactively identify and treat them appropriately for growth, loyalty, and profitability.

"We have leveraged the FICO Score as a component in our account management strategies for years. This analysis proved the value of moving to the FICO 8 version of the score.  Even on this limited portion of our card portfolio, the benefits were clear. Applied across all portfolios for marketing, originations and account management strategies, we expect to realize similoarly positive results."