Mortgage analytics are restoring confidence for everyone, every step of the way


In today's complex macroeconomic and regulatory environment, lenders are more challenged than ever to safely and profitably grow their mortgage portfolios. That's why lenders rely on FICO's advanced mortgage analytics to help them better understand their consumers' credit behavior and associated risks. See how our mortgage business intelligence tools are improving the landscape of the industry.

With our decision application development and management, lenders will

  • safely originate new accounts
  • help financially troubled consumers
  • predict and avoid foreclosures

By using originations for mortgages, portfolio managers will

  • manage loan remediation decisions
  • balance varied business objectives
  • maximize portfolio management

FICO continues to look out for lenders for the life of the mortgage. By combining new and existing analytic-based systems that address specific fraud management needs, we provide centralized insight and control. Fraud management functions performed at the level where they are most effective.

Finally, with our unparalled scores and scoring services, FICO helps mortgage lenders and servicers make sound, confident, and consistent consumer credit decisions.


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Samsung Card Optimizing Credit Exposure

Samsung Card was established in 1988 and has grown into one of the most popular cards in Korea with nearly 10 million cardholders, and annual transaction volume in excess of US$42 billion.  The secret to its success is to offer innovative products and financial services that meet customers' various lifestyles. Samsung Card also uses industry-leading analytics solutions from FICO to ensure profitability.

Samsung Card looked to FICO to help fine-tune cardholder credit-limts using FICO™ Credit Capacity Index™. Learn how.