Cyber Security

Identify Emerging Threats and Fight Cyber Crime in Real Time


Today's cyber security solutions focus on the creation of threat signatures, which do a good job of identifying breach patterns that have already been discovered and codified.   But today's threats are rapidly evolving, and solutions based on the distribution of threat signatures leave a critical gap in coverage.  FICO's streaming analytics provide an additional layer of protection to detect emerging threats based on machine learning and self-calibrating approaches.  FICO has leveraged extensive IP assets from its banking technology for the creation of a Cyber Solution that is highly differentiated from current industry offerings and is complementary to existing infrastructures and investments.


How It Works

Cyber Security Solution Architecture

FICO's cyber solution features proven self-calibrating analytics, consortum data and signature-less technology to protect enterprises from emerging cyber threats. Unlike signature-based technology, or rules-based systems that rely on historical batched data, FICO cyber analytics finds emerging trends much earlier, allowing threats to be stopped faster.  

Real-time Detection of Emerging Threats:  FICO’s proven self-learning analytics and anomaly detection techniques are used to monitor activity across networks and real-time data streams, identifying threats as they occur.

Usable Intelligence:  Industry-leading analytics give context to emerging anomalies that translates into lower false positive rates and prioritized alerts - minimizing unnecessary enterprise disruptions.

Analytics Driven by Industry Insights: Analytic intelligence is continually enhanced and refined through consortium insights without the direct exchange of sensitive information.


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