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FICO employs the nation's experts in financial information. We've prepared the following educational material to pass on their expertise to anyone who can benefit.

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Estimate Your FICO® Score Range

FICO® Score Estimator

Understanding Your Credit

Understanding your FICO® Score and how to manage it doesn’t have to be a mystery. Watch these short videos to learn more.



Live Recording Of Our FICO® Scores 101 Workshop Presentation

Can’t make an event and want to see what all the buzz is about? Here is a recording of our FICO® Scores 101 presentation from one of our live workshops.


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Understanding your FICO® Score and how to manage it doesn’t have to be a mystery.

FICO® Score High Achiever

Climb your way to become a FICO® Score High Achiever

Prepare Your FICO® Score

Prepare your FICO® Score for when disaster strikes.

Credit Quiz

Quiz yourself on what you learned using our Credit Galaxy Game!

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