SABF Fundamentals

As part of FICO’s Score a Better Future outreach, Fundamentals is a free, engaging credit education curriculum that readies high school students to make informed credit decisions that last a lifetime.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make credit education fun, simple, and accessible to individuals across geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our inclusive and comprehensive credit literacy curriculum is designed to equip students with the knowledge and resources to begin their credit journey with confidence.

Our Objectives




Inspire financial interest and awareness.

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Empower educators with the tools they need to prepare students for successful credit management.

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Recommend modern, practical solutions that enable young people to take charge of their finances early and adopt healthy financial behaviors for a lifetime.

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Develop the information students need to achieve a foundational understanding of credit and FICO® Scores.

Our Curriculum

Our materials are fun, free, and available in a variety of teaching mediums - from web-based games, to PowerPoint presentations, to PDFs. Whether you’re an online enthusiast or print-out connoisseur, we’ve got something suitable for every classroom.

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Curriculum Outline


 Unit Key Objectives Facilitation Time
 1) Introduction to Credit
  1. Define credit.
  2. Describe how credit is used.
  3. Explain the costs associated with using credit.
 60 - 70 min
 2) Credit Scores
  1. Explain the relevance of credit reports and their relationship to credit scores.
  2. Identify the three credit bureaus.
  3. Define FICO® Scores and describe the five categories of data that inform your scores.
 70 - 80 min
 3) Establishing Credit
  1. Describe common credit missteps.
  2. Identify ways to establish a credit history.
  3. Explain the importance of protecting your digital identity.
 60 - 70 min


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