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FICO World Preview:  Operational Risk - The Intersection of Fraud and Compliance

Banks worldwide have a “Know Your Customer” imperative, which extends not only to risk and marketing but to fraud as well. But what about knowing your staff?

In markets where unemployment is high and those employed face more limited options to change jobs or reap fiscal rewards, you start to see a “fraud triangle” of opportunity, motive and rationalization. Even long-tenured, trusted staff members sometimes find themselves pressured or tempted to leverage their position, typically for reasons of need or greed.

Historically, organizations would place responsibility for staff vetting with the Human Resources department; staff monitoring with line management controls; and oversight and investigation with internal audit. But that model has been exposed and broken, many times and in many organizations. Today there is a drive toward convergence between risk disciplines and controls, and a need for clearer ownership and accountability of risk exposure and mitigation at a holistic level. Some of this is surrounded with regulatory standards and compliance, and some of it is stretching the knowledge and capability of hitherto “traditional” risk managers to the limit.

At FICO World 2013 in two weeks, I’ll be part of a session where you’ll hear risk experts from FIS Payment Solutions, FICO and CEB TowerGroup talk about how they are seeing this intersection of fraud and compliance. It’s a different topic because it focuses on internal threats, rather than external foes.

FICO World runs April 30-May 3 in Miami. Join us!

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