Customer Management

Smarter decisions, better customer outcomes.

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FICO customer management

FICO customer management unifies all your data, monitors customer value, then automatically determines the right action — a credit line increase, gentle payment reminder, cross-sell offer — for each customer using advanced analytics.

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Right action, right opportunity

Your customers’ needs can change in an instant. Monitoring these changes and developing an up-to-date view of account performance will prepare you to take the right action at a moment’s notice — actions that delight customers while balancing portfolio risk and profitability for your organization.

How it works

See how you can make your business goals a reality and overcome your toughest challenges with a solution trusted by leading organizations worldwide.


Learn how FICO solutions can empower you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

Deposit Price Offer Execution

Intelligent, analytics-driven price execution to grow revenue and improve customer experience.
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Fee Refund Management

Retain fee revenue, reduce costs, and deliver an outstanding customer experience – simultaneously.
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Deposit Overdraft Management

Balance revenue, risk, and customer satisfaction to set ideal overdraft limits.
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Credit Line Management

Profitable and personalized credit limit strategies.
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Collections Prevention

Strengthen your customers’ financial health.
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