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webMethods Fabric and Blaze Advisor

Today webMethods and Fair Isaac made what I think is a great announcement - webMethods will incorporate Blaze Advisor as the embedded rules engine for future editions of webMethods Fabric™. Now Fabric is webMethods' flagship solution for SOA/business integration so why is it important that it will embed Blaze Advisor?

Firstly, as you can see elsewhere on this blog, there is great synergy between SOA and business rules and between BPM and business rules. Having webMethods embed Blaze Advisor just goes to reinforce this. Several analysts have been talking about the need for platform vendors to have a decent rules offering and webMethods has picked the best.

Secondly webMethods Fabric is really aimed at letting business users control processes/integration. Blaze Advisor will help extend that business user control to the business rules in the platform using its powerful template and rule maintenance capabilities.

Lastly it allows companies to rapidly adopt business rules in their integration/BPM platform and then seamlessly share those rules across a universal decision engine or policy hub through Blaze Advisor.

I will leave the last word for Marc Breissinger, vice president and chief architect, webMethods, Inc:

“Enterprises across numerous industries choose webMethods Fabric as their platform for total business integration due to its ability to address the full gamut of their business process requirements. The ability to define, implement and manage the business rules associated with these business processes plays a significant role in enhancing these efforts.  With our commitment to provide best-in-class technologies that deliver enhanced business agility and predictability, we see Fair Isaac – with its market leadership and core competency in the area of business rules management – as the obvious strategic partner for delivering this additional value to our customers.”

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