Growing Relationships

Deepen customer relationships through personalized experiences.

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Know, don’t guess, the next best experience


Deliver contextually-relevant experiences by identifying and acting on opportunities in your customers’ journey where your products, services, or advice would add value; for example, providing a credit line increase, in real time at the point of sale, to a profitable, low-risk customer who is about to exceed their existing limit. To do this, an organization must:

  • Identify the best actions

    Advanced analytics determine which actions (offers, messages, etc.) each customer is eligible for while considering organizational objectives such as profit, and constraints like risk exposure.

  • Execute strategies and adapt quickly

    Create, test, and improve customer growth strategies across all applicable decision areas (pricing, marketing, collections, etc.).

  • Drive customer responses

    Deliver actions in a one-to-one conversation through the most effective channels — email, SMS, mobile app, website — for each customer.

Enabling Technologies

With 60+ years of pioneering work in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, FICO powers our solutions with the most advanced science available.


Start simple with basic customer relationship strategies for fast time-to-value, then build digital sophistication as you grow.


Deploy customer analytics and strategies quickly within a safe, scalable, and flexible cloud environment.

AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Drive portfolio performance with AI and advanced analytics offerings.


Optimize credit line, collections, or marketing strategies to increase profitability, balance constraints, and meet business objectives.

Great Expectations

Organizations working with FICO have seen the following results:
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Increase in account balances
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Improvement in cross-sell
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Increase in portfolio profit on pre-approved loans
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Increase in response rates

Get more personal

Learn how you can deliver more value to customers and grow relationships and portfolio profitability.