Scoring Innovations for Inclusion in LATAM - Portuguese

Expanding financial inclusion in emerging LATAM markets

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While innovative financial technologies hold great promise for expanding financial inclusion in emerging LATAM markets, the opportunities are paired with new challenges and risks for both consumers and lenders. In order to realize the full benefit of financial inclusion, risks must be managed--but in ways that actually balance and not stifle innovation. Learn more about how FICO’s vast (30 years 30 countries) experience makes us uniquely qualified to bridge the promise of inclusion with the reality of expanded access across LATAM. We’ll help you understand today’s fintech innovations, the shifting landscape for risk across regions in LATAM—along with the ways FICO Scores is working alongside emerging technology developers, distributors, lenders and consumers to create solutions to lend more safely and inclusively. Gain insight directly from FICO Scores analytics consulting professional Christine Edwards as she teams up with partners Circulo de Credito, Buro du Credit and Quod to discuss FICO scoring solutions that were uniquely created to support intelligent, profitable and fair lending in LATAM markets.

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